01/04/2024 - 31/10/2024


A journey among the Apennine Valleys of Borbera, Curone, Grue and Ossona, a territory rich in history and craft and food and wine traditions. Ideal destination for lovers of nature and good food, to discover slowly, immersing oneself in the local communities. In the lands where cycling is history, we propose cycle itineraries tailored to interests and suitable for all, enthusiasts of cycling on road or gravel and families: the sole denominator will be the emotions transmitted to you by places and people.


An e-bike itinerary between the Grue, Curone and Borbera valleys to discover local dishes and unspoiled nature.
From Costa Vescovato to Garbagna, one of the most beautiful Villages of Italy of medieval origin and with a strong Ligurian influence. The heart of the village is piazza Doria with its four horse chestnut trees. Colourful narrow streets depart from here and you can reach as far as the Castle or visit the parish church of San Giovanni Decollato which is home to an important work by Guglielmo Caccia a.k.a il Moncalvo. Garbagna is also famous for the cherry of Garbagna, a variety of cherry which is Slow Food presidium, of a particular intense red colour and very crispy; if preserved in spirit, it maintains its consistency and integrity. Stop off at a farm of the area specialised in its production. The itinerary continues to Dernice, Borgo Adorno to Giarolo with a lunch break and swim in a swimming pool for a moment of relaxation. On the return, stop at Vendersi the town of the Scarecrows and then along the River Borbera to the 'strette', a river gorge of extraordinary naturalistic value, a canyon between the steep slopes and emerald waters.
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from 01/04/2024 to 31/10/2024

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€ 130,00 (groups of 2 pax)