01/02/2024 - 15/12/2024


The province of Brescia is well-known for its wine production in Franciacorta. Perhaps you don’t know that the first Italian beer was born here in 1829 thanks to the Austrian Franz Saver Wuher and since then beer has no longer been imported but started to be processed directly in Italy.
On this day, the visit to the craft breweries will show you how the tradition of Brescia has continued over time. Water, yeast, malt and hops (the latter are produced directly on site) are the four simple ingredients used imaginatively and expertly by the beer artisans to create unique products which are sure to win you over.


Meet in the morning in Brescia for a guided tour of the city. After two hours, depart for the first craft brewery on the edge of lake Garda where the passion for good food and good drinking encourage the master brewer to create ever-new recipes which start with the most classic tradition to arrive at the most
daring experiments
You will be taken on a guided tour of the production facility which will end with an aperitif with the guided tasting of 3 beers + mixed platter of local cheeses and cured meats. Highly qualified personnel will know how to capture your attention exalting the products.

We will move to the plain of Brescia to visit one of the most eclectic and active craft breweries of the territory as regards the study of beer and the desire to bring it to the knowledge of the rest of the world... a world of all-round passion!
The master brewer will show you the production facility describing the different operations necessary to obtain the beer to understand how the production process occurs, after which there will be a tasting of 3 beers accompanied by finger foods with the description of the different types produced and their characteristics. Their beer is enclosed in decidedly artistic containers which
will win you over.

In the brewery shops you will be able to purchase the artisan and unique quality of Brescia beer.


from 01/02/2024 to 15/12/2024

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€ 145,00 (groups of 2 pax)
€ 110,00 (groups of 4 pax)