01/04/2024 - 31/10/2024


Oltrepò Pavese is the meeting point of four regions: Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia-Romagna. In the past, it was the crossroads of merchants, cultures and history which are visible in the traditional festivals and in the food and wine heritage. Territory with hilltop villages, castles and churches, full of biodiversity and landscapes to discover slowly.
We propose a regenerating immersion in the nature of the Apennines, a journey for young and old to discover the extraordinary ecosystems to protect every day with responsible and sustainable behaviour.


Depart from Zavattarello, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, with a walk in the Middle Ages along the Sentiero dei Tre Feudi, an ancient trail which has been recently upgraded and enhanced; in the past it was used as an alternative to the main road which has connected the Tidone Valley to the Staffora Valley since the Middle Ages. Along the way, immersed in nature, you will cross two valleys and pass close to the ancient villages belonging to the history of the three Feuds: Dal Verme, Assunta and Malaspina. The first section begins from the ancient square of Moline and reaches the centre of Zavatterello; the second winds from Piazza Dal Verme to Crociglia to big bench n.263 of Zavatterello, where you will enjoy the surrounding landscape with the eyes of a child.
Close to the big bench visit a farm specialised in beekeeping: from April to August, it is possible to visit the lavender garden with education on bees and taste typical products accompanied by honey.

Our itinerary continues to the Municipality of Colli Verdi in the nature reserve of Castello di Verde, in which it is possible to visit the butterfly garden and spend time butterfly watching (50 minutes of the route for approx. 1 km), an uncontaminated park and full of biodiversity (free route with informative and educational signage). The Butterfly Garden of Valverde, among the first to be established in Italy, has the purpose of protecting, studying, and increasing the number of these precious insects. Apart from their suggestive beauty and use in the food chain and in pollination, they act as flag species for the study of fauna and flora of the Apennine chain, unfortunately threatened by the intensive use of chemical substances in farming.
Inside the reserve it is possible to visit the remains of Castello di Verde which was part of the Oramala Feud and later relax with the treatments of the Wellness
The setting is unique and breathtaking, because you can benefit from the peace and serenity inside the park and enjoy the unique views of the Oltrepò. The exclusive visit to Wellness Apiary lasts 2 hours and you can benefit from the following treatments:
• BEE-AROMA: benefit from the perfumes of the beehive rich in resins and essential oils for the wellness of the entire respiratory system, enjoy the perfumes of the beehive, of honey, propolis, pollen and beeswax.
• BEE-SOUND: benefit from the frequencies of the bees which favour relaxation and meditation, a relaxing effect in harmony with the sound of nature;
• BEE- EDUCATION: discover the rules and mechanisms of bees, being able to admire them directly inside their home, go in search of the queen bee and taste the honey which they are producing at that moment directly from the
• WELLNESS MASSAGE, a gentle massage with the perfumes and frequencies of the bees.

The beehive is open during the bee season and according to the climate, times vary according to these two elements (booking is required for activities and treatments)


from 01/04/2024 to 31/10/2024

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