01/04/2024 - 31/10/2024


Trekking itinerary to combine with one of the bike&train itineraries to discover the Apennine valleys of Curone, Grue, Ossona or as an experience between art, history, memory and nature.

E type trek elevation gain of 100m length 5.5km - with Environmental Trekking


Volpedo, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, and birthplace of Giuseppe Pellizza who painted his works here transferring to them his love for his village and the peasant atmospheres of the late 19th a century. Visit the artist's studio, a 19th century atelier which is home to his work tools and everyday objects. To follow, Piazza del Quarto Stato, where placing yourself in the same position in which the painter painted, you can imagine the scene of the Quarto Stato and visit the Educational Museum where modern multimedia installations enable visitors to deepen their knowledge of his masterpieces.
Lunch at leisure: on Saturday, we recommend stopping at Antico Mercato of Volpedo where the peasants and local artisans will help you discover the local excellence, and the last Saturday of the month it is possible to lunch and savour the traditional local dishes.
In the afternoon, continuation of the itinerary dedicated to the places of Pellizza with copies of the artist’s works placed in strategic points to see the views and the landscapes that inspired them.
Each work is supported by an easel, obtained from an original copy kept in the painter's studio.
To follow, one of the itineraries of the Pellizza sites created between the surrounding countryside, such as the itinerary of "La montà di Bogino", a steep hillside immersed in the wood painted by Pellizza in 1905, and which serves as a place in which to collect the cobblestones used in the past for paving the roads and courtyards of the village.
(E type trek elevation gain of 100m length 5.5km - with Environmental Trekking Guide)
(E type trek elevation gain of 100m length 5.5km - with Environmental Trekking Guide)
Alternatively, "Il Sentiero del Sole" an itinerary which retraces the places painted in 1903/1904 passing through spectacular scenic points between vineyards and cropland (E type trek elevation gain of 100m length 10km - with Environmental Trekking Guide).


from 01/04/2024 to 31/10/2024

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