The terraced landscapes of Upper Langa

01/04/2024 - 31/10/2024
Via Dante Alighieri 4, c/o Palazzo dell'ex Pretura Ecomuseo dei Terrazzamenti e della Vite, Cortemilia 12074


Centre of the experience is the Eco Museum of Terraces and Vine, designed with the objective of gaining recognition of the terraced landscapes as monumental works for the committment, knowledge and patience of man, telling the story, traditions, lifestyles of the societies that built them in the past and which guard them today. Set off from the historic centre of Cortemilia to visit the centre of interpretation of the terraced landscape and later along the roads of the terraces to Monteoliveto and the round driers (Scau) to process the hazelnuts and the chestnuts, heritage of the rural architecture and peasant tradition. At the end, stop in a workshop which processes the queen of Alta Langa, the round gentile hazelnut.


Meet at the Museum in the centre of Cortemilia with the guide, visit the museum and then itinerary along the terrace paths. Duration 3 hours - Easy parking - sportswear recommended.


from 01/04/2024 to 31/10/2024

Rates / Supplements

Price per person from:

€ 60,00 (groups of 2 pax)
€ 30,00 (groups of 4 pax)
€ 20,00 (groups of 6 pax)
€ 12,00 (groups of 10 pax)

The price includes:

Visit the museum and guide along the itinerary to discover the terraces. Visit a workshop which processes the round gentile hazelnut of Cortemilia.